The Odd Elements of Creativity

The evidence doesn’t offer proof, but truthfully, I’m a security freak. So I found a security blanket: non-fiction writing. *chokes as I eat my words*

It’s a good gig, though: I only write when I want or need the money, and I can not write for as long as I want. I don’t have to scurry up work or query or pound down doors, which is big for me. I just pick and do what and when I want. They’re just tiny articles, 300-500 words, but on a lot of interesting topics.

The great thing is that this ups my income to meet my goals for the year, three months early. While Glenn’s income makes our life more comfortable, I no longer *need* it to survive. In my whole adult life, I’ve only been partially dependent on someone else’s income for eight months, and I didn’t like it.

Most importantly, I feel like I’ve “made it,” in that I get to stay on the road and live this lifestyle, and I don’t need to stress anymore about losing it.

But the nicest thing is that I’m looking forward to my fiction writing more. It becomes a treat, rather than a chore. I’m spending less time, but I’m being more creative while writing, because I don’t feel the pressure to write fast in order to pay the bills.

When my brain blows a fuse on non-fiction, I might spend a whole day on fiction. I have to confess that I’m adopting a pattern of every other day exclusively on fiction. When I start losing my creative edge, I switch to non-fiction.

When it comes to grinding words for money, I much prefer writing non-fiction than pounding out stuff for Pseudie. I feel like Pseudie and I just need a little break from each other for awhile.

But this new gig is sure cutting into my Facebook and blogging time. Not to mention I just took a gig playing piano a couple nights a week. And now that Glenn won’t be taking the car to the doctor every day, I’ll be gone a full day every week, hiking the desert. Well, two days, but one will be just for fun.

image OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Guess what? LOOKEE! Over there! I mean, over there! <— It’s the cover for Bernita’s book! A Lillie St. Claire book! I’ve been waiting for it forever, ever since I first heard of Lillie St. Claire, years ago! How many years was it? Isn’t it the coolest?! Major SQUEEE!

How is it that one has an open schedule, and if you blink, you’re suddenly busy-busy? And do you have any odd things that increase your creativity?

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Aunt Flo Writes

Boy, does she ever. Men, I’m not sure you’ll want to read this post. Don’t mind if you do, just sayin’: be forewarned.

The ease and speed with which Aunt Flo writes is an ever-increasing source of exasperation to me.


I’m just saying. (Or screaming in frustration, however you want to look at it.)

Another thing that annoys me (because, clearly, irritability is in full-force at the moment): If I wake up at 4am or 5am and write in between dozing and waking, I get a lot of good ideas and writing done. If I stay up late and write while falling asleep at my computer, I get tons done.

You know, the thing is, I’d really rather sleep well, get up and workout. THEN write. I’d really rather be done with writing at 5 or 6 and kick back the rest of the night.

But no. The universe has decided I must write late at night and early in the morning. (Don’t get me started on how that screws up my sleeping.)

Alright, look: I’ll make the universe a deal. I will write early in the morning and late at night, if it promises to keep my creative level up to Aunt Flo’s standards throughout the month.

That’s a fair deal, isn’t it?

Is your writing at the mercy of your cycles, sleeping or otherwise? How do you turn that situation upside down? I want an instant creative-flow pill.

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