To Move or Not To Move

Yesterday, a neighbor asked me what I would do if I suddenly won $50,000 that day. I was totally stumped. And what was funny is that we walked for quite a while before I could think of something.

After shrugging and finally saying, “Nothing, really. I’m happy.”, I finally came up with paying bills, buying sperm, and saving money.

I keep thinking that I should move into a small house or apartment, but then I think why? I’m happy.

I have awesome neighbors here: a new age shop owner, a few travelers, a free-thinking minister, a PhD candidate, and a computer programmer—not to mention that Padfoot has several doggy friends here.

When I have a child, I want a big kitchen with a table and a living room, all in an open layout. Otherwise, I want to stay in my RV.

Maybe do some traveling, if gas prices come down. In fact, I could just up and move tomorrow, if I want. I like the idea of freedom and keeping my options open. Maybe I’ll leave next week!

When I tripped across this TEDtalk, Less Stuff, More Happiness, it just confirmed that I didn’t want to move into a house or apartment right now.

There is nothing in the whole world that has made me happier than losing my attachment to things. (I italicize it because I always crinkle my nose when I say that word.)

When I knew I wanted to move into an RV and travel, I started writing down everything I touched, so I would know what was really most important to me. As it turned out, the only things I used were what was in my purse, my computer bag, some kitchen stuff, and a few toiletries.

What would you do with $50,000, if you won it today? And where would you move, if you could move tomorrow? What would you take with you, if you had to fit it in a car trunk?

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  • The only real things I have attachments to are my books. I am encumbered by those somewhat, though.

  • Eric Mayer says:

    I’d probably put the money in the bank and maybe retire a year early. Wouldn’t move. Our tiny house/cottage is paid off and I’m not about to go back into debt for anything. I do like the idea that with an RV, if necessary, you can change location. I don’t need much of anything anymore except a roof over my head and a computer. What I have painfully learned over the years is that it is easier to want less than to get more.

  • Robin says:

    That’s easy – college tuition! Yeesh.

  • eBookWizz says:

    $50,000? Unfortunatly, I would simply pay off credit cards and put the rest on a down payment for a house and quit paying rent!
    Exciting, huh?
    Now, What would I doo with millions?
    Well, I’d definetly get a dreamy motor home and travel.
    No joke! That really is my “Money is no object” dream.

  • Jade says:

    Well I’d put 45k away towards my ‘move to Scotland’ goal. I’d tour New Zealand again with the rest, haven’t been on a holiday in about seven years so that would go down a treat!

    Where would I move if I could? Scotland :)

    Did you mean what one thing would you take? A toss up between my copy of A Tale of Two Cities and my violin. A coin toss would have to sort that out.

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