Win a Kindle Fire From Zoe Winters!

Thanks to Natasha for inviting me to her blog to pimp my contest!

I’ve been away from writing my Preternaturals series for awhile (was writing books for my other pen name). Since I’ve been back in Zoe-mode, I’ve released a side novella in the series that people can read without having read anything else by me yet (Dark Mercy), but the next full-length book in the series, The Catalyst, is coming soon.

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve deeply engaged with this series, I wanted to do something that would serve two different goals:

  1. Get readers who are already fans of my work re-engaged and immersed in the series so they are ready and psyched for the next book. (You know how you can read a book and love it but then it sort of fades a little in the background so future books don’t make you as rabid about having them until you remember how much you loved the other books? Yeah… that.)
  2. Bring on board new readers for the series.

I love Easter Eggs. (I promise this connects.) I don’t mean the colored eggs with the candy inside that the giant bunny (Let’s call him Harvey) delivers to small children to make them hyper. I mean the little things in a book or television series that are almost like inside jokes. Like, on Buffy The Vampire Slayer they were still mentioning Xander’s hyena possession in season seven. And that happened in season one.

So I decided I would host my own Easter Egg Hunt and reward readers for finding the Easter Eggs I’ve left for them in my books. The grand prize is a Kindle Fire! Additionally, I’ll be giving away signed copies of The Catalyst when it comes out (on the home stretch for that!).

For the contest, all my books are on deep discount (check the contest details page above for titles and buy links), to lower the barrier of contest entry for those who don’t already have all the books in the series. The sale will last through Easter Sunday, but you’ll have through midnight on April 15th to turn in your Easter eggs.

Even if you don’t want to hunt, now is a great opportunity to grab my books, or maybe even give one to a friend for an Easter gift, while they are all on extreme sale. (I can’t imagine another situation besides a contest requiring “reference materials” where I’d be crazy enough to discount all my work this deeply.)

Also, if you’re feeling awesome, you can tweet, blog, or Facebook the link to the contest page and get extra entries into the smaller prize giveaways. And let me know, of course. (But you have to hunt to win the Kindle Fire!)

Thanks for reading, and… may the odds be ever in your favor. (Sorry, I’m reading the Hunger Games… I totally couldn’t help that.)

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