New Blog, New Shoes :-)

I was late taking Padfoot on a walk today. It was, in his opinion, unpardonable. I now have no shoes, save an unmatched pair, which I’m declaring a new style.

I still luvs him. Smile We went to a Border Collie meetup, and I realized how much he’s grown since I last posted:


He looks so dejected there! He’s not, I swear:


I’ve been dropping everything lately to work 24/7, but it ends up with me so frazzled and burnt out, that I’m not sure this is the best strategy for getting the most done. So I’m going to try to do more writing. And so I’ll be starting a new blog in the next few weeks, answering self-publishing questions. I’ve already started, storing away all my email responses so I can make a better FAQs for my clients.

What self-publishing/formatting/design/copy editing questions do you have?

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