What’s Your Version?

The older I get, the more I can’t help but think of that saying, “Life sucks and then you die.” I’m not being depressing, truly. It’s just that life is full of hardness and heartbreak, and I look around and don’t know how people survive.

I’m really not certain why I’m coming to this conclusion now, because I’m loving my life more than I ever have.

My life in my thirties? So. Awesome.

So I really don’t know why I keep looking around now and thinking, “Life sucks and then you die.” Watching people lose loved ones, or love people who don’t love them back, or struggle through illness… it just all seems so hard and sad. (Even though we’ve all done those things and survived just fine.)

On the flip side, life seems sweeter. When two people manage to fall in love and have a loving marriage—wow, what a miracle. Or when a child is born—my heart breaks in a happy way just thinking about it. Or, you know, sometimes just a lizard running across your patio. :-)

A friend was bored, so she wanted to go to the theater. We saw “Barney’s Version,” and it’ll make you laugh, cry, and think. Best-written movie I’ve seen in a long time. Apparently it’s based on a novel, which I MUST read.

Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t really do it justice:

In a way, it was a happy ending, depending on how you interpret it. I think the point was that, as “Barney’s Version,” it was a happy ending. The way we see our histories is as interesting as what they actually were.

It’s funny, I’ve been really looking forward to summer, because I love the lizards and I had so much fun discovering the summer desert. I was telling someone how much I loved summer here last year, but then I realized: my old camper was really hot, it leaked during the monsoons, I had asthma attacks that made me unable to work for 3-5 days a week, and I was miserable.

And yet all I remember is the lizards and the walks and the desert and all that made me happy, and I can’t wait for summer again. Truly, though, my new camper won’t have any of those problems, and I have asthma meds and two jobs I love. So the summer is going to be awesome.

Do you tend to see your history through rose-colored glasses and gloss over the bad stuff? Or do you remember the bad stuff as much as the good stuff? The bad stuff more than the good? Or do you remember it exactly as it was?

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I Haz New Dancing Desk!

I knew something was missing in my new RV! I was sitting here trying to work, when Melanie shared Britney’s video, “Hold It Against Me.”

I. Can’t. Stop. Listening.

I know. It’s embarrassing. Britney Spears. Love the chorus, but hate all the weird, scratchy, conversation stuff between. Anyway, it’s good Dancing Desk music to work to.

I knew it’d been awhile since I put on the Cher!

So here’s my new desk:


Clever, eh?

Also, I plumbed today, fixed a tiny part in the bathtub valve, and put on a new 1.6 gallon per minute showerhead. I really wanted the 0.5 gallon per minute showerhead, but it was pricey.

Got any good suggestions for Dancing Desk music?

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The Seasons, They Change

Now is my favorite time of year in Arizona. The days are pleasantly warm at 80-90 degrees (actually quite pleasant and comfortable at such low humidity—I’m currently wearing a sweatshirt and it’s 83 out), and the nights are cool at about 50 degrees. Great sleeping weather!

I doubt it’s coincidence that last year at this time, I decided I didn’t want to leave Arizona.

At this time every year, the RV Resort empties out and all my friends leave. Snowbird resorts are a bit like summer camp, in that there’s a ton of socializing and activities during the winter and you get really close to people.

And then everyone cries when they go home. (Or I cry and stay here.)

But seasons change, and they’ll be back next winter—which is FOREVER away.


Last year, I managed to spend ALL SUMMER looking for a snake in the REPTILE CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES, and I didn’t see a single one. I am determined to see one this year, even if I have to go hiking in Rattlesnake Canyon.

I’m just hoping not to get bit by one. Smile

It’s strange how I’ve settled into a new yearly rhythm, after being enmeshed in the school-year rhythm for most of my life.

When I was a teacher, the year began in late August. Apparently some of my friends think it begins in January. I now think it begins in December, when the snowbirds return.

When does your year begin? And when is your favorite season?

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Dancing with the Stars

Do you watch it? I’m new to the show, and OMG, I can’t believe how great it is and how I totally didn’t know it was awesome!

I finally tried it because I heard talk of Kirstie Alley, and I think it’s SO AWESOME that she’s going for it. She’s so light on her feet, you wouldn’t know she has a few extra pounds. And she’s sixty. Can you believe it? She looks and moves fantastic.

Also, Ralph Macchio, Mr. Karate Kid, is on this season.

I registered to vote. This is bad. I’m so biased when I vote for TV. (I promise I’m fair and unbiased when judging piano competitions.) Chelsea Kane got one vote because she was my favorite dancer, and I loved the Viennese Waltz to the Harry Potter Theme. Not very classical, but…

And Ralph Macchio got three votes because I had a crush on him when I was a teenager. (OMG, I know, I’m terrible at this voting thing.)

And Kirstie Alley got five of my votes because I think she’s awesome.

Do you watch? What do you think of this season?

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I Haz New Home!

I have a new home! I had no idea how much I was roughing it until I moved into the new camper. I feel like I’m living in luxury! I mean, wow! Hot water from the faucet! Three sinks! A super shower!

It’s SO cozy and comfy. I’m totally loving it! Here’s pics:


(No! I don’t sleep with my teddy bear. I’m way too old for that. Really. Never.)


An inside bathroom!!! With plumbing! And hot water!


Proof that this RV has been to Burning Man. (Previous owners.)


My visitor’s lounge/sitting room. *grins*


My living room/office.


My kitchen! Stove! Double sink!


My refrigerator! A freezer! A closet!


The outside view. Needs a bit of polish and detailing and wax, but we’ll get there. Smile

I’m excited to do some traveling in it, but at 7 mpg, I don’t expect to be doing a whole lot. (It was $50 in gas just to drive it home. Yikes!)

How’s your week going?

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